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Saturday, June 09, 2007

BOO! last post in this blog. the 555th post. so yep! visit my 2nd blog yeah?


go go visit! haha
& OINK! ;
5:51 PM

Friday, June 08, 2007

i went keming 2day! (:

went thr play badm. with ruiqi, chunyung, jack n kenny. haha. cos ruiqi n kenny were frm keming. yar.

im supposed 2 meet chunyung n jack at bukit batok interchange at 0730am de. cos we b4 tt oready say sure late liao. then hw i noe jack late til so pathetic -.- i was 10mins late. then chunyung was 15mins late. then jack was... 25mins late? lol! still dare admit he woke up at 0725am -.-

so we reached keming at 0810am. uh huh... then kenny n ruiqi were oready thr. heard tt kenny was the earliest O.o wow. i didnt noe kenny is those type of pple who r early. i still told ruiqi "aiya, kenny... sure late one lah" =x

so we went play play play. ruiqi n i played doubles with 2 p6 gals. hmm they're gd! n i was super off form. lucky nt training =x played lyk super shitty. then we went c ruiqi's boyfriend (: haha! ruiqi so kelian lor. beside her boyfriend gt a jinx! down thr looking at him, ruiqi super hate her lah! kelian de ruiqi ): budden she still say tt boyfriend can be substitute!!!! ruiqi evil! wakakakakakakas!

after tt we dunno go whr. it's onli 10am+ then dowan go home so we went wandering about... then we went macs eat. ate very long. ruiqi lah! all her fault lah! she scam me lor. she ask me eat slower. then i slowly slowly eat. she finish liao then tell me she eat faster than me. wth -.- then thr were 3 guai lan kias. i go wash hand nia they stare at me lyk i alien liddat O.o never c pple wash hand b4 meh -.- then tt white shirt one was a guai lan of the guai lans. lol. kept looking at ruiqi O.o n fyi they r GIRLS. lesbians O.o lol

we went playground after tt. play play play awhile sian diao. then i gt a sudden urge 2 play "truth or dare" budden no1 wanna play then in the end ruiqi played with me budden i sian diao. then 4 of us sat on the floor stone O.o nt reli stone lah. ruiqi n chunyung were bz smsing. then i play music loud loud through my phone. then jack n i were... stoning... yar stoning. lol. daydream, slp. lol.

n we all gt bored stoning n decided 2 go home. n yep. the end. lol!
& OINK! ;
5:26 PM

Thursday, June 07, 2007

video journalism! haha

went orchard orchard orchard! so many many many pple went thr too! fun fun fun! then went ard finding pple 2 interview bout clonning. haha actually go thr oso no use. gibson n kunwei camara men, vanessa interviewer. the others help find pple nia lol.

budden it's fun going ard looking at pple, seeing their attires n behaviours... haha! quite a few shuaiges n chiobus! haha. saw 2 shuaiges n dunno hw many chiobus. LOL! a lot a lot of angmohs! angmohs r mostly friendly! they so enthu in the survey haha! most pple who turned us down r singaporeans D: hw sad lah.

n thr're 3 idiots. dunno wth they doing. keep taking their cams aim at us dunno take hw many bloody shots le lah wth. we at first didnt reli go care them lah. budden they reli made it very very obv lah. we go away they oso go away. stupid lah. take pics need charge de lor! intrude privacy! never c students b4 meh. siao

overall it's fun lah (: next video journalism stop: gibson's house! haha. film down thr. n i finally gt sth 2 do. lol. some stupid stuff i gotta ACT. n i chose the most slack character =x 1 line 2 say onli. heh =x every1 noes i cant act, cos it's a common knowledge tt im mad n i cant stop laughing lol. so yep. lol.

hmm shall jus end here? nth much actually. haha. byes!
& OINK! ;
6:33 PM

i decided to post before i sleep, because im super pissed right now. what a formal post. except for the not capsing in the first letter of every sentence and all those stupid english mistakes i make, im not using any short forms. blah. this is going to be just a block of words containing letters. yar. stupid. what am i talking about. crap. this post can be ignored, that's why i striked everything off. i just want to fa xie! i just dunno why i just LOVE to piss myself up -.- by going to some blog that i told myself NEVER to enter again. but i jus somehow felt lyk reading, so i read... and read... and read! and i read read read read read until i read everything there? because there's just very little posts -.- what a pathetic blog. it's dead now. it's deserted. and im wondering why am i reading a blog of someone tt doesnt know me. and why does it have such a great impact on me. why does THAT person affect me so much. why did i even enter that stupid website and why was i even interested about its contents. why did i do something so stupid. why am i so bloody stupid? it pissed me off once. now it pissed me off another time. and i wonder when will it piss me off AGAIN. why did i even want to click on THAT link in the first place. i dont know. i just felt like it. and i dont know why. eeeyer. tsk. why am i repeating the same thing again and again -.- qian bian qian bian qian bian THAT person's super qian bian. reading THAT blog reminds me of another qian bian person. what the hell. what's wrong with me oh man. darn why did i do such a stupid thing. blah. ah. ah blah blah blah! crap. super crap. whatever. i dont know what to say now. stupid. retarded. dumb. arg! okay. i shall go sleep. maybe i'll feel better after that (: blah.
& OINK! ;
1:26 AM

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

i jus realised tt this is onli the 551st post O.o

cos i didnt noe thr was a draft O.o dlted it anw. so this is the 551st post? ah blah blah blah geddit? no? nvm -.- jus 4 more posts 2 a 2nd blog n oh what hell the previous blogskin i wanna use was DISABLED. lyk wth? i go find the blogskin maker then they say user nt found. think she dlted her acc? dunno lah. blah.

anw here's sth i koped frm manda tan's blog (:


A: Loves to flirt but in a way of joking
B:Popular with all types of people
C: Weird
D: Has one of the best personalities ever
E: Freaking beautiful
F: People wild and crazy adore you.
G: Never let people tell you what to do.
H: Easy to fall in love with
I: Loves to laugh
J: Freaking Rowdy
K: Really silly.
L: Best smile
M: Makes dating fun
N: One of the best damn bf/gf anyone could ask for
O: Loved by everyone
P: Popular with all types of people.
Q: A hypocrite.
R: Good Gf/Bf
S: the best person anyone could have
T: great kisser
U: Gets hugs
V: Not judgmental
W: Very broad minded.
X: Never let people tell you what to do.
Y: Is a freak when it comes to parties
Z: Lives life for fun

haha. anyhw kope de. im jus too sian.

n yep. liyan, teohyi, yeeting n weishan came 2 my house earlier on. 4 hist proj, budden we ended up playing poker cards -.- simply cos thr's nth 2 do? lol. yeeting very guai lor. we all playing cards she go search 4 extra info O.o we never bully her. is she zi yuan one lol.

then we play play play. then go explore my house a lil lol. liyan's feedback bout my room: nt messy, bt very dusty. LOL! of cos nt messy lah =x i still go tidy up b4 they come lor. budden onli a certain part of my room though =x lazy =x one room so big. tidy up my room reli very hard lah -.- i onli go take those unnecessary stuff frm ard my comp n writing table n stuff them somewhr else TEMPORALLY =x lol my room's in such a pathetic state tt it's too messy i have nowhr else 2 dump my things lah -.- ahh pathetic room. then the dusty part. lol. a quarter of my room is untouched O.o n tt's the part whr liyan oways touch -.- dunno y she lyk 2 touch my thr de things lah. i dump everything down thr one. then she go touch touch touch. of cos dusty lor lol. i live in a pig's hay yar. i know -.- i bet no1 dares 2 come 2 my room again? lol. u rarely c a gal's room in such a pathetic state (:

liyan n yeeting said i gt slimmer xD lol cos my house's full of my pri sch pics. i dunno y. budden i reli looked disgusting in those time. fat fat haha xP i looked diff. reli! dont believe can come my house. IF U DARE. lol.

n yep! teohyi, yeeting n weishan left first. liyan n i need accompany them 2 a certain place then they noe hw 2 walk 2 yewtee mrt station lol. they say dunno hw 2 walk, lyk maze liddat. lol i wonder if it's reli tt difficult O.o

hmm then liyan stayed in my house longer cos she's stays jus 2 bus stops away lah. then we cont playing poker. lol. she owes me a drink xD cos she lost lol.

ruiqi's back xD randomnology! haha! she finally can use her internet access le! yay (: super random rite? lol.
& OINK! ;
11:04 PM

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

my tu mei FORCED her shi mu 2 do a survey O.o

State ur 10 fav songs: (current fav songs)
(not in order)
01 zhong guo hua - S.H.E
02 ting yuan wei ren tan ji ta - S.H.E
03 wu yue tian - S.H.E
04 jie kou - S.H.E
05 BOOM - S.H.E
06 zai bie kang qiao - S.H.E
... ok lah time 4 other singers de songs lol
07 wo ke yi - cai min you
08 maria - ??? =x tt 200pounds of beauty de song
09 stars - ??? heh =x oso 200pounds of beauty de song
10 girlfriend - avril lavigne

State 10 things u like to do:
(not in order)
o1 chat (msn, sms, phone, face 2 face)
02 hanging out with frens
03 play comp games
04 blog
05 sleep
06 play bball
07 play badm
08 listen S.H.E songs
09 daydream~
10 watch tv progs

State 10 things u believe in:
(not in order)
o1 ghost O.o
02 retribution
03 fate and destiny
04 miracles
05 life after death
06 true love
07 love at first sight
08 im actually doing this stupid survey -.-
09 this
10 that

10 besties:
(not in order, i shall be fair, 5 boys 5 gals, ladies first xD)
01 ruiqi
02 xinying
03 liyan
04 layching
05 huiyi
06 chunyung
07 jack
08 sikai
09 zhicheng
10 andrew wong

State 10 things u do everyday:
o1 chat (msn/sms/phone/face 2 face)
02 eat
03 drink
04 sleep
05 brush teeth
06 walk
07 bathe
08 listen 2 songs
09 zilian -.-
10 think of him xD

state 10 things u are willing to die for:
01 i
02 dont
03 know
04 fullstop
05 i
06 have
07 totally
08 no
09 idea
10 fullstop

state 10 things u want to have
(not in order)
o1 longer legs -.- (in other wrds, grow taller =.=)
o2 more money
o3 more freedom
o4 more time
05 less stress
06 lesser problems
07 lesser homeworks
heh those considered s THINGS ma? lol =x
08 ipod
09 new wallet
10 nicer water bottle -.-

state 10 ppl to do tis:
01 i
02 dowan
03 sabo
04 people
05 fullstop
06 do
07 if
08 you
09 want
10 fullstop

lol kinda lame. budden i reli cant believe i did this. WOW! haha. darn my throat's getting worse. thousand needles poking my throat D: any1 has any recommendation of effective ways 2 make my throat feel better? it's super pathetic rite nw D: i sound lyk a MAN nw O.o lol

k byes. nth else 2 say (:
& OINK! ;
8:34 PM

i shall blog! it's the 550th post. 5 more posts n im gonna have a 2nd blog O:

hmm hw shall i start with... ok i noe le! xD

my real bro i mean haha!

my cute cute buddy (:

haha then i shall say what happened ytd...

training! omg was a long long one lah. it starts on 9am, budden xinying n i were 30mins late cos i was 20mins late meeting her xP haha paiseh xinying made u sit down thr wait 4 me 4 so long =/

then training... footwork first. n i feel so darn physically sick lah. do til wanna puke liddat then my heart lyk wanna jump out liddat. super uncomfortable lah. then i tell coach n he asked me go rest. then after tt is sparring with juniors. alicia! (: then beside us gt ruiqi n wanting. they 2 bao li de lor -.- dunno spoil hw many new shuttles le -.-

then training extend extend extend til very late. i left at 4.30pm? with a one hr break slacking in the canteen xP cos training actually ends at 12noon de. then optional if we wanna stay longer... so yar haha!

after training went lot1 with ruiqi, xinying, chunyung n jack. they went 4 lunch O.o when it's oready 5pm+ lol. then i didnt eat cos i no appetite... cos i think i was sick? lol i mean... i was sick. fever plus sore throat ytd O.o then tt time i darn quiet lol. zi bi zhen lol! nah jus didnt feel lyk talking haha!

n i went buy my bro's bday present. n strepsils 4 my throat. n it's a stupid stupid decision 2 buy honey lemon strepsils -.- last time try b4 le. then next day gt wet cough. then i nw go buy again. 2day gt cough le -.- budden actually cough oso quite fun lol! lyk the throat being burnt liddat O.o very de shuang de feeling? lol im a weirdo (:

at nite... campus superstar! haha! agnes! keely! so far supporting both of them. yar haha. they super cute. a lil cross-eyed de. tt's what made them so cute lol. agnes has a super sweet voice. can melt pple (: keely gt a matured voice. sha sha de. very nice. yep! lotsa pple crazy over shawn. tt lil kiddo. haha. he's cute lah yep. budden his fan base reli big til siao O.o plus he sings nice. he gt the highest score ytd lor O.o young talent. haha!

i chao bushuang marcus. tt campus superstar de lol. RI de. act lah he. act pro lah stupid. c liao wanna puke lor. kns y never out lah. then kinda dislike zhengning too. another act act one. RGS de. raffles -.- no offence lah, budden they 2 reli very act lah. zhengning gei kiang dance n sing... jolin's zheng yi zhi yan bi yi zhi yan... it's obv tt she has too much actions 2 do n she lacks breath in singing lah. dunno hw she gt highest among the gals lah. then her dance made her look so bitchy =x

then jiaqi n xubin gt out O.o no comments lah. budden i tot xubin should have a lot of fans de O.o cos he's quite shuai haha. then kinda shocked lah. yar haha.

then i gave my bro his bday present. so gan dong~ haha. it's lyk c him so happy then oso gt this sense of satisfaction lor. yar haha!

then 2day. darn. fever's gone, cough's here, throat's getting worse. plus im super lovesick. MUAHAHAHAHAHA -.- ahh im lame. sry. actually being sick isnt a bad thing. cos sick then no appetite. no appetite then dowan eat. dowan eat then dont eat. dont eat then lose weight. LOSE WEIGHT!!!!! hahahahahahahaha xD so shall look on the bright side yeah? (x

hmm nth else 2 say, i shall go nw xD byes!
& OINK! ;
8:40 AM

Sunday, June 03, 2007

ok i finally gt the time 2 update bout the past wk le (:

in my aunt's house super bored one lah. down thr stone n stone n stone lor. stone whole day rot in front of tv then if tv never on then write letter 2 pple n do homework n read lor. budden homework in the end i onli did 1 exercise on the zuo ye -.- so pro rite lol. then onli played my cousin's xbox 4 3 hrs in tt whole wk. sian de lor. 1 meaningless wk -.-


haha met the rest of the team in pasir ris, cos tt's whr my aunt stays, dont expect me 2 go back all the way 2 clementi then back to pasir ris. tt's super dumb super stupid n a total waste of time lol. so yar met them thr. then still early so benny ng let us go white sands shopping mall first. then after tt took shuttle bus 2 coasta sands resort then walk 2 aloha loyang. yep!

then we had fun exploring our chalet rooms -.- boys n gals diff chalet budden it's jus next doors. yar. n we went pasir ris park 4 physical trainings -.- sounds boring budden it's actually kinda fun sia xD doing all those footwork n running on the sand... and agility all these. haha. jus tt the sand very uneven n a lot of objects lor. haha if it's santosa beach de sure super nice xD fine soft sand~ haha! yep the PT very fun lor. we sang songs lyk happy bday song n london bridge song n even the sch song! hehe! then gt split in2 2 groups n pass balls. then lose liao do berpies blah blah blah lah. fun lah!

after tt we went back 2 our chalets 2 bathe. haha the gals very slow lor. onli 10 gals then gt 20+ boys. then boys all finish bathing le gals still bathing lol. then some gals went over 2 the boys side 2 bathe. n by the time every1 finished bathing it's oready 9pm+? then we walked 2 downtown east 4 our late late late dinner. haha.

back tt time we played poker cards. coach teached us this game whereby we gotta drink water s forfeit -.- then oways forfeit then oways drink drink drink oways in the end every1 fiting 4 toilet lol. then after playing tt game we all played black jack n dai di. then nt enough pple still ask boys over 2 play lol. play til 2am+. budden we all gals slept at 3am+? forced 2 slp by coach lol. then we 10 gals need 2 squeeze in2 4 beds. so i shared bed with amanda n hayati... then cannot slp. lol abt 4am then managed 2 slp... yar

n hayati n i gt waken up 1 hr later by amanda -.- she slp tt time rite, lyk dead pig liddat -.- no offence, bt reli. her hand suddenly come whack across the whole bed -.- whack hayati n my face -.- then we all gt out of the bed lah. then i tried putting her hand back close 2 her budden it'll auto come back 2 whack us de lah. then hayati n i gave up. amanda owned the bed. the winner -.-

they both of us very tired lah. then dunno what 2 do, so we went out 2 the living room n slept on the sofa. budden very uncomfortable then very stuffy cannot slp so hayati suggested 2 go back room slp. uh huh so we went back... some pple woke up. cos evia's 5.30am alarm -.- tt super loud super scary with pple screaming n shouting abt lyk mad pple liddat one -.- yalah. then it's lyk omost every1 woke up? then tt amanda still slping lyk pig down thr -.- then by tt time she reli in the middle of the bed le lah. hayati n i dunnid slp back liao. then ruiqi n xinying asked us 2 share bed with them. 4 PERSON SQUEEZING ON A BED!!!! n actually can sia O.o ruiqi n xinying curl up then hayati n i oso slp curl up horizontally. so cool lah haha. a lot of pple never slp back after evia's alarm le. budden i continued slping lah, cos reli tired. yar haha. then 6am+ then woke. haha

breakfast! bread! we gals made lunchen (aww hw 2 spell) meat bread n tuna bread. boys made butter n kaya de lol. gals de nicer rite~xD then we all gals all wake up le a lot of boys still pigging down thr. aiyoh. boys pigs! gals slept later n woke earlier lor.

n we went 4 team bonding games (: DOG AND BONE!!! DOG AND BONE!!!! yay super fun can xD seniors keep sabo-ing me -.- ah blah blah blah! and it drizzled D: so we went playing human chain in the shelters. tangle our hands n untangling them. lol. then we played tt stupid blindfolding game. serious sabo-ed me again. the floor in front ming ming shi nth de then they bluff me say gt thing. then want me jump far far then ming ming shi nth de ma, then they all splash water on me say i stepped on mud -.- then summore is a lot of times lah. then still put dunno what thing on my leg say cockroach -.- then they led us 2 toilets -.- gals go boys toilet n boys go gals toilet zzz. boys toilet very smelly sia! lol =x n i make some1 jealous! heh im so evil =x n we're supposed 2 play tt 3-legged-race budden gals didnt play. cos we didnt want to? yar. then we went back 2 the chalet n the boys continued lor. yep!

n we shifted 2 tt BIG BIG BIG bungalow! omg lah! so cool lah. first time being in a bungalow. it's so big so shuang can~ hw i wished i live in one~ hahaha dream on -.- thr r 4 rooms with one toilet each, one big big living room, one big big dining room n one kinda big kitchen, n one shared toilet, n one balcony! so big big big lah! cool lah!

tt afternoon was a free-and-easy one. can go wherever n do whatever we want. we gals had our lunch at downtown east again. walk all the way down~ n went back 2 the bungalow stone stone awhile then went 2 the beach with ruiqi, xinying n amanda. then we down thr write names on the sand (: haha. then then then i wanna finish writing le lor... left 1 more letter lah... then... someone came lah. then i dowan let tt person c what i doing then i faster use my leg erase everything off -.- wasted lol. then ruiqi write de BLAH BLAH BLAH super nice lah. xinying gave up so easily lol. she gt fed up writing BLAH BLAH BLAH cos she say she write nt nice lol.

n we went back 2 the bungalow. then when walking pass the swimming pool heard pple calling our numbers. cos we were wearing our nhbg jersey lah. damn nice one i tell u... super nice xD i love my jersey lah! haha (: oh yar back 2 the point. pple calling our numbers. "99!" "22!" "21!" "11!" "EHH!" lol. then suddenly one guy came running 2wards us with his hp. then asked if can get my number. then i was lyk "huh? 4 what?" then he say his fren want. then i blur blur one. kinda stunned lah. then xinying lah, say want c his fren. then he called his fren lah. then he told his fren tt i wanna c him. then i was went lyk "ehh, i whr gt say. is she say lor" then pointed at xinying lol. then they ask again 4 my number then say they playing truth or dare. then i jus gave 999 lah. then they say 999 nt nice want give oso give 4 digits can buy 4d -.- then i "orh. 9999 lor" then they "ok thankyou! ehh nth one hor, fren frens onli arh..." then we all went away lor. lol! funny lah!

then go back 2 the bungalow nth 2 do so went help out in the bbq thingie. then yukai asked ruiqi, xinying, mewleng n i go wrap the grill with aluminium foil cos very dirty. eww lah. the grill very oily n black lah omg O.o then after tt xinying n i went in2 the boys' room play poker cards n chinese chess. haha

then play til eating tt time lor. eat eat eat. nice food haha. didnt eat much lah. sitting at one side chatting with ruiqi... n exploring zhiwei's phone. lol!

hmm then after tt we all went coach de room play tt drinking water game again -.- after tt kept going toilet lah! n after awhile went coach de room again with xinying n shaun play dai di again lol. im a super dai di addict =x

n midnite tt time most pple went midnite cycling. i never go cos no money... haha so xinying n i n dunno who else went dining table thr play dai di again? lol =x til jiajun came 2 us n asked if we noe hw 2 play bridge. then we dunno ma, so he asked the seniors come teach lor. then i kena-ed keming. then he teach teach teach. then i very tired lah. then blur blur one. then i wasnt reli listening... n i think i fell aslp several times when he was teaching? n he's such a nice n understanding teacher lah. he told me he noe i very tired then kept asking if i understand anot. then kept explaining n explaining... haha.

then xinying n i very tired ma, so we went slp 4 half an hr? frm 2.30am til 3am lol. then continue playing cards =x play til the midnite cyclers came back lyk abt 4am+... then at omost 5am i went slp, cos very tired le haha.

end of chalet. woke at omost 10am. breakfast by mr ng n seniors. nice nice nice xD then they all teachers jus love 2 come say some touching wrds of reflections -.- then they say we listen lor. lol. then checked out. walked 2 downtown east take shuttle back 2 pasir ris mrt thr

went 4 lunch at white sands shopping mall de macs with ruiqi, xinying, hayati, mewleng, amanda, chunyung, jack, weichong, zhiwei, chuanan n shuanhock. yar haha lol rofl lmao. nth i laugh 4 fun de -.-

then went watts up buy ear studs n went back 2 my aunt's house le. yar sad cant join the others. my aunt's super strict -.- need 2 wait 4 her at the entrance thr then she bring me home. ah blah blah blah. lyk lil kiddo rite lol

n yep the chalet ended (: our 3 days 2 nights chalet. NHBT RAWK TO THE CORE <3

lol what a long long post

*ps: haha this post kinda alike with xinying de. cos i used her post s a reference... yar haha*

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2:24 PM

my crazy homework-lover tu mei xP

yar went her condo thr bbq party. then b4 tt met with ruiqi, chunyung n jack at lot1 buy xinying's present. EEYORE! haha. wanted 2 buy horse. budden the horse ruiqi n i saw last time disappear le. most lykly some1 bought it? yar sad. so we bought eeyore 4 her. haha damn hugable. jack was 21mins late. so we punished him hug the eeyore when walking! haha. kiddo~ budden he didnt hug 4 long lah. he hugged it awhile then ruiqi n i hugged it haha. so xinying, ur eeyore was hugged by a lot of pple b4 it gt in2 ur hands! lol (:

we went in2 the arcade. play the shooting game. tt shoot bball one lol. get what i mean? i dunno what it's called lol. i challenge jack 4 times haha. 2-2. draw (: so cool i broke my own rec! first time i gt in2 the 4th stage n first time my score exceeds 300! kinda noob budden great achievement 4 me lah! then we saw one super bian tai shooter, shooting machine lai de. he shoot so darn fast lah. his score was lyk 619? broke the rec lah! so damn envious lah!

n we went 2 meet xinying. slacked throughout in the playground. with all the lil kiddos going "excuse me excuse me" lol! then chat chat chat a lot a lot til dowan go home lol. then ruiqi oways extend going home time de. at first say 9oclock. then 9.30. then 9.45. then until her mom call her then she go lol

so after ruiqi left we all went the conference room de rooftop. damn nice xD haha talk talk talk lor xP then ruiqi called. n i talked 2 her mom xD her mom super nice super friendly lol! still say til want be her god daughter O.o lol

yalah very very fun day xD i reached home at 11! haha! yue lai yue bu xiang hua! tsk tsk tsk! haha xP

sry i shall blog bout the chalet thing another time. kinda late nw haha. 2.43am le O.o k ba byes!
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12:36 AM

Saturday, June 02, 2007

whee 16 yrs old le (:

HELLO (: haha look at the time (: yar im still awake

it's been omost a wk since i last touched my comp. i missed it a lot a lot lah. aunt's house was boring. as expected. no comp, no freedom. yar very sian. so i jus cant resist the temptation of using the comp once i reached home. yar (: n im still super energised rite nw, haha! jus kinda hungry lol. hmm yar i made a quiz on myself (: do try it yea? at the sidebar down thr... jus click on it (:

hmm i guess i shall blog bout the past wk another day? nw bz doing other stuff xP heh. im gonna create a 2nd blog soon btw, very soon (: jus wait n see haha! k i shall end here. bye! rmb 2 try my quiz! haha
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4:40 AM